The mission of Arcadia High School is to establish a caring, secure, and disciplined learning environment that has academic excellence as the ultimate objective for students of all ages.  To accomplish this goal, the Arcadia High School administrators and teachers will recognize the broad and complex needs of students in today’s world and understand the dynamics of each student’s academic, social, physical, and emotional well-being – in addition to understanding the moral obligations of a quality education.  School personnel and students will work in high quality facilities with an atmosphere that is comfortable and conducive to learning – where basic skills are mastered, then progressively developed in such a manner as to produce well-educated citizens, who will be able to function in and contribute to the benefit of the community, parish, state, nation, and world.  Arcadia High School accepts the responsibility of educating students to become life-long learners and shall endeavor to enable them to become academically, culturally, and technologically literate in order to function as responsible, productive, and caring citizens of a rapidly changing Twenty-First Century.  The ultimate success of Arcadia High School will be the result of the direct partnership, which exists between the home, the school, and the community.

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